Annual Health Check


We recommend an annual health check and vaccination for all our dogs, cats and rabbits. We give all our animals a health check before vaccination to make sure they are in good health, so will respond properly to the vaccination. Also by giving a full health check we can help to identify any other possible problems that can range from teeth problems, anal glands, arthritis and lumps etc.

Tania.jpgThe saying, “prevention is better than cure” is very appropriate for many of the diseases we vaccinate animals against since only very few are specifically treatable and many can prove fatal. In principle vaccination stimulates natural immunity and works by giving the animal’s immune system a head start so that it can respond much more rapidly when these infections threaten.

Some pet vaccines have the additional advantage that they are preventing diseases that are also a potential serious threat to human health. Two examples in pets include rabies and leptospirosis (sometimes known as Weil’s disease in humans) in dogs.

Dogs we vaccinate against

  • Parvovirus a very severe gut infection that can often be fatal in young dogs.
  • Distemper that causes breathing problems and can lead to seizures, this infection is relatively rare but becoming more recognized.
  • Hepatitis, a viral infection of the liver which can be fatal to dogs.
  • Leptospira which affects liver and kidneys, as well as other parts of the body and can often be fatal even when treated promptly, this is often spread via rats and rodent urine.
  • Kennel Cough, this is caused by a virus and bacteria that cause inflammation in the windpipe. It is caught directly from other affected dogs and is highly contagious. The vaccine is given up the nose.
  • Lymes disease, there is a new vaccine to protect against Lymes disease and to affect ticks so they can’t pass on the disease.
  • Leismania, is a disease not present in the UK but can be picked up from sand fly bites abroad. There is a vaccine to given protection but this can’t be given with any other vaccines.
  • Herpes, this vaccine is specifically for pregnant bitches who have had problems with pregnancy in the past.

Cats we vaccinate against

  • Panlecopaenia a severe gut infection like the dog parvovirus but it can also cause deformities to kittens if the mother is infected whilst pregnant.
  • Calici and Herpes virus which cause cat flu.
  • Feline Leukaemia Virus that often causes tumors in our cats.

Rabbits we vaccinate against

  • Image6.jpgMyxomatosis which is a fatal disease often picked up from wild rabbits’ fleas.
  • Haemorrhagic Disease that results in sudden death of rabbits and is most often carried by birds but can affect indoor rabbits as well. There are now two strains of the haemorrhagic disease, this may require two separate vaccinations to fully cover the myxomatosis and haemorrhagic disease.

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