Routine herd health and fertility -  Good fertility is key to profitability on all dairy farms. This means minimising the losses associated with barren cows, extended calving interval and low conception rates and maximise returns. Our involvement in fertility monitors key measures, such as heat detection and conception rates and we utilise a specialised system called VetImpress.

diary1.jpgWe look to guide and support all those involved in breeding management with a team approach. Depending on your needs we would arrange to visit you on a regular basis, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, in order to help your herd maintain good fertility.


diary2.jpgThe dairy industry has seen a shift in mastitis from a predominately contagious origin to environmental; this combined with increasing herd size has seen trends in somatic cell count and mastitis incidence beginning to rise. At North Park we offer mastitis and cell count monitoring through the use of Interherd and Herd Companion as part of a monthly reporting system. We combine this with up-to-date knowledge and application of the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan – an in-depth examination of your production system with special regard to mastitis, and subsequent analysis and recommendations. Sponsorship for this can on occasions be sourced.


Lameness treatment and Prevention

Lameness has recently come to the attention of the media and has been described as one of the most significant welfare and economic diseases affecting the dairy industry. As a consequence a number of milk buyers have begun mobility monitoring programmes, as has the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme. North Park Vets can supply Mobility Scoring services and on-farm training courses (to individuals or groups) in both mobility scoring and foot trimming.

Lameness will affect other aspects of the animal’s life, such as reduction in milk yield, weight loss and knock on effects on fertility. We can help you with lameness treatment and prevention in the following ways:

  • Training your staff on lameness and foot trimming
  • Advise you on cubicle design
  • Lameness scoring
  • Footbathing regimes
  • Treatment protocols for: Solar ulcers, White line abscess, Foul in the foot & Digital dermatitis.

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