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The equine breeding season has come to an end and the European studs have closed. This season has been challenging though North Park have had multiple success's. At one of the larger studs we have managed a 100% success rate, using artificial insemination. Another client has used chilled semen from Emerald J, an Arabian stallion who was standing at Tremlows for £3500 stud fee; we are proud to say that with careful scanning and decision making by our equine team, the mare is in foal and we are looking forward to its arrival in 2016.
If you are thinking of breeding from your mare next season, please call us to discuss your requirement, so we can get started at the right time next year.We offer a chilled and frozen package and are a BEVA accredited AI practice.
Our prices are very competitive and as of 2016 we will be offering a reduced price per cycle, with a premium to be paid when your mare is in foal.

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