26th March 2020 Covid 19 Update


Keeping your pets safe during lockdown
Our new video consultation platform is now up and running!  Video consults, or request a call back options are both available.

A video consult will cost £24 (excluding medications) and is ideal for things like advice on ongoing conditions, repeat prescription checks or minor ailments such as a simple skin rash.  Video slots will be open between 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm.  You will need a smart phone, tablet or webcam with audio to use this feature.

When you book your video consult a link will be sent to the email address you submitted. At the time of your consult click on the link and you will be connected or put in a waiting room if the vet is not quite ready.  After the consult if your pet needs medication, the reception team will ring you to tell you when/where your medication is ready to be collected.

If you would rather have a telephone call, you can request a call back at a specific time through are website, or if you don’t have a specific time just ring in and the reception staff will put it on the unallocated diary to be picked up when a vet is free.

Telephone calls resulting in a medication dispense (unless it is a repeat medication within 6 months) will be charged at £24 at the discretion of the vet. General advice will still be free.

The RCVS have kindly relaxed our remote prescribing rules at this difficult time, but it is likely this will return to normal in the long run.

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