Jonathan Hobbs


Jonathan Hobbs
Jonathan Hobbs
BVetMed (Hons) DBR MRCVS
Jonathan graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2012 and came straight down to North Park after spending a lot of time here “seeing practice” as a student. Apart from a year away in Somerset at a 100% farm practice, Jonathan has been at North Park ever since and now leads the farm department after completing the Diploma of Bovine Reproduction in 2018. 

His main area of interest and focus is the dairy cow and particularly fertility, nutrition and transition management. He believes that helping farmers improve these areas is the key to gaining healthier and more productive cows. He oversees a wide range of farms, from spring grazing herds to very high production herds on robots. Jonathan also has a very keen interest in sheep and formed the successful Sheep Health Action Group for some of our clients with Martin and Elske, whilst also being a founding member of the regional sheep group "SWISH" - the South West Initiative for Sheep Health. He has been involved in clinical research, has overseen significant reductions in antibiotic usage at North Park and speaks regularly at Sheep Veterinary Society conferences. 

When not at work Jonathan is usually busy tearing across Dartmoor on his road bike, mountain bike or trail running, but his favourite activity is climbing - anywhere from Devon to the Alps!

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