Beef and Sucklers


Although the veterinary input into the management of beef suckler herds and the rearing of beef animals has traditionally been less than the input into dairy herd management, it is no less important. For our beef clients we regularly attend individual animals who might be sick or injured or a difficult calving. We will also carry out routine procedures, such as synchronising cows for artificial insemination, carrying out pregnancy diagnosis, bull fertility examinations, dehorning and castrating calves, etc.

In addition we also advise regular visits to assess the progress of the herd and help plan future management strategies to ensure economic production, a low incidence of disease and a high standard of animal welfare. At these visits we can discuss a wide range of management topics dependent on your aim for your animals. Such topics might include breeding strategy, preventative medicine programmes (including vaccination and worming regimes), High Health Status, cattle handling systems and nutrition. We can assist with Body Condition Scoring the cows, and collect blood samples for laboratory analysis to assess the performance of the cows' diet, monitor the cows' mineral status and to carry out disease surveillance

In addition to the many conventionally managed beef herds with which we are involved, we also work with several organically managed herds, which require additional expertise and advice to that required by conventional farm assurance schemes



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