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Welcoming your New Kitten


Vaccinations and annual health check are an important routine procedure carried out every year for your kitten.  Kittens can start their routine vaccinations from 9 weeks of age this is repeated 3 weeks later. In the UK these vaccinations cover, Enteritis, Cat Flu and Feline leukaemia. It is important to keep in mind that vaccinations, unfortunately do not stop your companion from being unwell from other diseases.  


At the time of writing, it is not a legal requirement to microchip cats. We often microchip cats when they are neutered as most kittens do not venture outside until after their neuter op.

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Worming is important for prevention of a build-up of worms including, roundworm and tapeworm. Round worm and some type of tape worm can be passed onto people which may cause disease or even blindness as well as other problems, so this is very important if you have younger family in the home.

Kitten should be wormed from 4 weeks of age every month until 6 months old and then every 3 months unless you have young children or immunocompromised people in the how where we recommend monthly worming. Cats that hunt frequently may require more frequent worming. Signs of the tape worm are small rice grain size segments seen at the back end and these can sometimes be alive and moving.

Flea & Tick Treatment

Fleas can be very problematic so treating your kitten for them as soon as possible, as they can lay up to 2000 eggs each!

Flea treatment can be applied from 6 weeks of age. The treatments can be in a spot-on form or a tablet. There are several products that can be used, a quick conversation with your Vet or Veterinary Nurse can help you choose the best product for your companion.

Ticks we would recommend a regular tick treatment in our area, ticks can attach to humans and dogs, they can spread disease to both species. Cats can get high temperatures and malaise from ticks and the mature tick can produce 1000’s of eggs.


Spaying – Females

Castration – Males

Castration can be carried out from 3 months of age.

Spaying of female kittens from 3 months of age.

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Pet Health Insurance

Pet Insurance is always recommended as often in emergency situations or if continuous medications are needed this can help with covering costs. It is beneficial to sign up to an insurance when your pet is young.

There are many policies available but we advise to look for a LIFETIME policy. This type of policy is more likely to cover you for most illnesses or injuries although exclusions can apply. 

In an Emergency

Here at North Park, we have a 24hr Emergency contact with our vets specifically for your emergency needs. Calling 01837 82327 out of surgery hours will take you through to our emergency answering service who will take down your details and a vet will get back to you as soon as possible.


In an emergency,

please call 01837 82327

Please respect this service – our vets and nurses work in the day as well as being on call. This is for genuine emergencies only.