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NPVG Lambing Course 2024

The North Tawton practice will host North Park Vet’s popular lambing day course on Tuesday 6th February 2024. This course is intended to go through the base knowledge needed for a successful lambing season and help develop practical skills for delivering lambs and keeping them healthy.

The day begins at 10.30am and there will be a talk covering:

  • pregnant ewe health
  • caring for neonatal lambs and tips for overcoming their common ailments e.g. hypoglycaemia, watery mouth, entropion, joint ill etc.
  • how a normal, healthy lambing should happen and what could go wrong
  • how to assist a lambing ewe and when to call a vet
  • useful equipment to have at hand
  • biosecurity general rules

After refreshments, we will have a practical session in the afternoon where there will be dead lambs used to teach husbandry techniques like tubing and injecting, as well as a lambing simulator (a ewe’s pelvis and mock uterus) to practice roping and delivering lambs. Vets will be available to answer specific questions throughout the day.

Images of lambs


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